What is ASP

  • Wire Marine is a simple, high-reliability, full-duplex intercom system for two to eight or more users.
  • Unlike most other intercoms Wire electronics is built into each users belt-pack or headset. There is no central hub or control unit (a potential point of failure).
  • Connect up to three two-way radios, listen only headsets (for guided tour boats) and squawk boxes (where headsets are impractical).
  • Wire can be vehicle or boat installed or even used as a portable system.
  • WIRE is supplied in two formats: A beltpack with headset/s of your choice or self contained in an ear-defender.
  • WIRE uses Active Speech Processing for clear speech up to 100dB and beyond.   
  • The intercom is full-duplex. No button pressing, open-mic for all users (optinal PTT version).
  • WIRE is hubless using Multiple Port Line (MPL) for simplicity and reliability.
  • There is no central controller unit or hub to fail making for a very reliable and simply maintained system.
  • All the technology is in the headset or belt pack. Should a headset fail it can be swapped by the end user without technical skills or support.
  • Wire can be interfaced to two-way radios.
  • WIRE is not fussy about its cable, virtually any low cost cable can be used.
  • Wire is powered from anywhere along the cable. Powered from battery, vehicle or mains.

Typical Installation

Typical Wiring Installation