Full-Duplex Wired Intercom Systems
High Noise, Marine, Industrial & Vehicle Communications

  • Rescue
  • Fastboat
  • Marine Safety

  • Work boat
  • Vehicle
  • Manufacturing

  • Vehicle
  • Manufacturing
  • Leisure Boat
Key Features
  • Active Speech Processing for clear speech up to 100dB and beyond.
  • Full-duplex. No button pressing, open-mic (gated) for all users.
  • Waterproof versions for fast open boats.
  • Dry versions for land use.
  • WIRE is hubless for simplicity and reliability. No central point of failure.
  • Connects to up to three VHF radios.


  • Open and Fast Boats
  • Tracked Vehicles and Off-Road
  • Bomb Disposal
  • De-Icing Vehicles
  • Fire and Pump Vehicles
  • Driver Training
  • Shot Blasting