Parts List

Intercom Kits - Complete Intercom Kits with Headsets

Fastboat Intercom + Gecko Kit

Marine intercom and Gekco Helmet and Comms kit for Fast Boats.

Industrial Intercom + Peltor Defender

Waterproof Intercom for Industrial and Vehicle installations.

RIB Intercom - Self Contained

Self contained headset with internal Intercom.

Intercom Units

Fastboat Intercom

Marine Intercom IP67
Will accept our full range of headsets.

Industrial Intercom

For land and marine applications. IP66
Will accept our full range of headsets.

Self Contained Headset Intercom

Self contained headset. IP55
Internal Intercom.


Gecko Comms Kit - Single

Gecko Twin Speaker Comms kit.

Gecko Comms Kit - Twin

Gecko Single Speaker Comms kit.

Gecko Comms Adapter

Headgear for using Gecko comms kit without Gecko helmet.

Peltor Helmet Attached

Peltor Neckband Defender MT74H52B-111

Peltor Headband

Peltor Communications Defender MT74H52A-111

Peltor Helmet Attached

Peltor Helmet Attached Defender MT74H52P3E-111

Behind the Head

Waterproof for marine environments.

Headset - Behind the Head

Lightweight for dry environments

User Ports

Marine Low Profile User Port

Headset / Intercom Port for small boats.

Multi-User Port

Multi user port for up to three users.

Industrial / Vehicle Port

User Port for dry environments.

Vehicle Cab Port

Installation free for vehicle cabs.

Optional Radio Connection

Icom M506

Special version of the Icom M505 for Gateway connection.

Gateway Unit

Radio - Intercom Gateway unit to connect up to three radios to the intercom.

Land VHF - UHF Radio

Radio for dry environments.

Icom Marine Handheld

Portable radio for connection to the Gateway Unit.


Low Profile User Port Kit

Complete Low Profile User Port kit to add to existing installations

Replacement User Port

Replacement User Port and cable. No special tools or skill required to replace.

Slip Ring Cable Drum

Slip ing cable drum. Walk, un-real and talk without tangles.

Cable for Peltor Defenders

Connects any Peltor CH3 defender to Industrial Intercom

Multi User Port

Adds several users to a single location.

Extension Cable Port

Extends the 2m curly even further for crew with a large working area.